Utility Vault Products

For concrete utility manholes and vaults, M.A. Industries manufactures an extensive line of quality products such as duct terminators, pulling irons and pockets, sump pans and ½” threaded inserts. We make setup and installation a “snap.” In our ongoing efforts to make our products easy to install, we offer a snap-together grid system and rubber locators for building terminator banks, snap-off locators for ½” threaded inserts, snap-together pulling irons and pockets, snap-on lids for sump pans and snap-off clamps for Unistrut.
Our snap-together terminator grid system makes assembling a terminator bank quick and easy. It accommodates 2” through 6” terminators and is designed to sit away from the wall surface of the structure by cradling the terminator about half way along its length. This eliminates possible exposure after stripping.

We also stick with M.A. magnetic locators for duct terminators. These magnetic locators make it easy to place duct terminators anywhere in your form.